GP Training

We are grateful to those patients who give up their time to help students complete this part of their assignments which involves writing an anonymous report for the university tutors to mark. Dr Horman and Dr Ritter do most of the student supervision and teaching at Blackbrook.

Foundation year doctors are those working for 2 years having passed their final university exams and gives them wide experience in different areas of medicine before they select a specialty. F1 doctors cannot sign prescriptions or sick notes and work under supervision.

On passing their F1 exams, these doctors move on to be F2 doctors when they can sign prescriptions and work more independently. Their work is still monitored and supervised, usually by Dr Smith or Dr Horman.

GP Registrars who want to become GPs after their foundation years have to complete a further 3 year Vocational Training Scheme which involves 2 further years work in appropriate specialties.

The final year of their training is spent in a surgery where they work independently with training and support from a GP trainer. They contribute a lot to the practice team, both in terms of the patients they see and the knowledge they contribute from their experience they bring from the hospital. They spend one afternoon a week being taught at the hospital and often sit in on GPs surgeries. During their time with the surgery they are often taught family planning by Dr Wells.

Patients are under no obligation to be involved in teaching during their care here but we are grateful for those who agree and hopefully find it to be a rewarding experience. If you are happy to help, this can take various forms from having a student observe a consultation, coming to see one of our Registrars or discussing your situation with a GP. If you have a significant medical condition and would be happy to talk to the students it would be helpful if you would let the practice secretaries have your name as we can then contact you.

Should you have any queries or concerns about the teaching we undertake please do not hesitate to discuss them. Our students and junior doctors speak very highly of the experience they gain in general practice and whichever specialty they ultimately practice, we believe it is very important for them to understand how this part of the health service works, as well as the hospital service. Thank you to everyone who contributes.

GP Registrars

At the moment we have an F2, an ST1 and an ST2 doctor currently working at our Surgery.

F2 – Dr Andrew Jenkinson

BBT– Dr Helen Cotton

BBT – Dr Miranda Cole

ST1 – Dr Jessica Dungworth

ST3 – Dr Emma Ramsay